Early Voting Gets A First Rate Start In Craven County

Perhaps it the weather forecast, which called for heavy rain midday, that drove Space Coast voters out of their warm beds and in the early morning mist on Election Date. Or maybe, like this writer, they had to get to work. Whatever it was, voters were in large numbers before the polls even opened.

Fox News' Brit Hume just increased an interesting point on Fox Media reports. If, in fact, this race is not very close, while a candidate is projected phone voting in order to over 270 electoral votes early planet evening, may have an appreciable effect on results in western states where the polls close later. It may possibly not mean much in the presidential election, but there are additional critical Congressional races and state referendums inside the ballot in western states in the usa.

Call your local voting board or visit their web site to find out how to update your address. Even if you only moved locally, you will have a new polling channel.

When young children turn 18 and pay a visit to the voting polls, hopefully if at all possible have drilled into them an awareness of responsibility to vote their minds based on research. As opposed to a celebrity influence.

If might Presidential elections prove for you to become as close, dropping people from the voting rolls is complete tactic for the side however shape the computer in their favor.