Watch Alex Sink, Rick Scott Florida Governor Debate (Part 2 Video, Transcript)

Today is Election Day in the united states. This Election Day is unlike any other in our human history. For the first time, there is a black man likely to be elected to the highest office in our government, President of america. Barack Obama, the name we all know a few years ago would be a challenge for most Americans to pronounce, has a great possibility of becoming the nation's first black President.

The second amendment rather important. It offers for the very best of every South Carolinian to be protected through secret ballot when voting for or against unionization. Since the govt is seeking to change this, giving unions more electricity to harass workers into joining an union, and alleviate a fundamental right, by phone voting for this amendment, the voters of South Carolina are saying this is our province and not the federal government. It is protected under the 10th Change.

The same circumstances were in play during the 2004 election, whereby Conservatives had been so demonized for 4 years that many were hesitant to announce their truthful vote to a pollster, thus the Ohio exit polling indicated Kerry had local voting a huge lead, whereas when the votes were tallied Kerry had lost Ohio by 112,000 votes. And that is the Bradley/Wilder Design.

Regardless of how you feel about her politics, it's impossible to deny the star power of Sarah Palin. Both CNN and Fox News were breathlessly searching her showing up at her Wasilla voting polls. Palin showed up in a folksy Carhartt jacket, though with professionally styled locks. Immediately after voting, she'll check out Arizona to spend the day working with John McCain.

Adding into the Kafka like prosecution were charges via the defense she with held evidence favorable to the defense. A giant no-no. Then there was her sleazy tactic of slipping a cost in in the last moment. She also fired her IT director when he blew the whistle in her for not turning over material to the defense as required legally. The former IT director filed suit against Corey.

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